TalkPath Enterprise helps clinicians with the following things:


Maintain the quality of care for patients by establishing functional maintenance programs that will help improve quarterly Minimum Data Set (MDS) scores.


Reduce the cost of care delivery by allowing clinicians to work at the top of their license to create customized therapy plans, which are carried out by less-expensive care extenders.


Improve compliance with Medicare, JACHO and other regulatory bodies by documenting all clinical transactions online and making the reporting data available in real time across the organization.


Increase census by helping patients remain engaged and satisfied, while the facility establishes a reputation for quality care.

Quality Therapy Matters

In today’s changing healthcare landscape, clinicians working in skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation settings, or assisted living centers are facing unique treatment challenges.

With fewer dollars to deliver one-on-one treatment with a patient and increased demand for standardized, compliant, and high-quality care, clinicians are struggling to scale care across their facilities.

TalkPath Enterprise helps clinicians address each of these challenge by focusing on what clinicians do best: creating customized therapy plans. With TalkPath Enterprise clinicians can plan high-quality care for patients across the facility. From quality care to improved compliance, the platform eases the burden many clinicians feel.

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